Master of Science in Sport Science, Health and Exercise Prescription

Paulo Franco


  • Corrective Exercise Specialisation, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Holistic Health Practitioner, CHEK Institute
  • Metabolic Typing Advisor



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Faglige specialer og interesser:

My work is based on the principle that movement in all its variety of forms is an expression of life and is essential to the continuation of life. As we live, we express our life-force in movement; as we move we feel our aliveness. Where movement is both free and functional, there life will be felt to flow freely and strongly. As we develop awareness of the patterns and qualities of our movement, we come to see how our mind moves or is restricted within the body.

My approach lies in deepening yourselves to the intuitive wisdom of the body and to nurture your innate capacity to develop as humans through awareness. You will increase awareness of the patterns and qualities of your movement and nutrition. Specifically, my approach involves direct experience of anatomical body systems and developmental movement patterns, using techniques of movement re-patterning and movement re-education.


Paulo tilbyder følgende ydelser:

  • Structural assessment 
    Assessment of your body’s functional ability and movement patterns where
    we detect your body’s stresses
  • Metabolic Typing assessment (8 sessions)Diet recommendations, supplement recommendations and lifestyle recommendations
  • Optimal body function assessmentIndividual session with focus on understanding your current stress levels and establishing an action plan
  • Optimal body function classes (min 5 participants)
  • Optimal body function private classes (single session, weekly sessions or full package)